Fluxx by Looney Labs

To kick the year off we’d like to share with you one of our favorite games that we carry, Fluxx!

Fluxx is a simple, fun, and family friendly game of ever changing rules. You can always play a New Goal card to fit your hand and strategy to win the game.

At the start of the game everyone gets three cards and the rules begin as Draw One, Play One. Nearly every card played after the start of the game manages to change or add new rules to the game. And then people start playing things like Draw Four, Play Two, Hand Limit of One. That’s when things start to get fun! And maybe just a bit chaotic, too. But in a good way!

And not only is Fluxx fun, but it’s educational, too. For example there’s Math Fluxx, which gives you the option to win through using math to reach the goals, but even the good, old plain Fluxx teaches reading, comprehension, and socializing skills! (Actually there’s over a dozen different flavors of Fluxx, such as Doctor Who Fluxx. We’ll be expanding our selection here in the shop soon!)

The only real side effect that our family has noticed is an ever increasing amount of time we spend together playing it!

Fluxx is currently available in our shop for $16.00, but for the first week of January it’s on sale for $14.00! (January 1 – January 6, 2018)



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