“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”-Albert Einstein

I read this quote recently and it made me think of my many hobbies I long to hone but never have the time to do more than be passionate about them. Some of these hobbies include knitting, crocheting, tatting, cross stitching, quilting, wood burning, writing, and numberous other things I’m passionately curious about. I think what makes me so passionate about all these crafts is the ability to create something beautiful and useful with my own hands.

I learned many of these crafts on my own from reading books on them. Cross stitching is something I learned from a friend of my father’s when I was 10 years old and have made many great pictures and gifts through this craft. I like to think that it is the one craft I have come close to honing, but I know in truth I need to spend more time on it to truly hone it. But at last that is why they are hobbies, because we choose to do them and enjoy learning from them.

Wood burning is also one I actually learned from someone and did not read about. I learned it in woodshop class in the 7th grade. I have burned many beautiful pictures into wood. This is a craft I would enjoy more if only I had a readily supply of good wood. The smell is something I rather enjoy and brings back memories of camp fires from my youth.

Most of my hobbies have something to do with string. Which to me is odd because for years the Air Force has taught us that in the course of paying attention to detail you will not have strings on your uniform. So upon buying a new uniform I always go meticulously through each piece to ensure there are no stray strings. It is an annoyance to me to have a stray strings on my uniforms, yet I love to sit and create things out of string and yarn. I find it relaxing, the rhythm of the knitting needles or the tatting shuttles over under flow. To have stray strings on my everyday clothes is a fond reminder of a recent project and there for aloud to linger.

Writing is another craft I hope to build a talent for but know that there is no innate talent in me. It is something I have learned through reading and enjoy through traditional letter writing. Though I have no special talents I will continue to be passionately curious about all these things and prehaps some day I will have the time to hone them, enjoy them, and share them.