The Otis and Gus-Gus Show – 26 Sep 18

My adoring readers, I will not lie to you and tell you that I have been busy.  I have not.  I’m actually quite lazy and proud of it, that is why my letters to you do not come daily.  I think it makes dad quite jealous that I can get away with sleeping half the day away and he cannot.  But in my defense the B&B is so large and I have such short legs I need the extra rest to make up for the extra steps.  Speaking of steps, there are a lot of stairs here and I really need dad to get to work on a lift for me, but I highly doubt that will get done.  I really think he finds it funny to go down stairs “pretend” to get something and wait for my loyal butt to get half way down the staircase just to head back up again. He thinks the stink eye I give him is unwarranted.  It is very warranted.

It is not easy for me to get up and down those stairs.  There is a lot of sexiness in this long body.  Dad says I look like a slinky going down the stairs, well I don’t think he’s that much more graceful.  Besides everyone likes slinky’s so I would rather look cute doing something so difficult.  It is also difficult for me to stop once I get going down the stairs, let alone turn around and go back up. Turning around is a whole process in itself.  I have to either get my whole self on a step and start heading back up, which is difficult because I have lost all momentum at that point, or I have to continue to the bottom of the stairs, catch my breath, and begin again. Which of course is much easier for me, but all that time gives dad a chance to give Gus a treat. I’m positive that’s what he does when I’m left behind on the stairs. So as you can see my stink eye is fully warranted.

I apologize adorning reader you do not want to ready my complaints or grips.  I should tell you more of how we spend our days. Today is a typical Wednesday for us, the only difference is mom is not here.  Mom has been gone for what seems like forever, which has depressed me quite a bit but dad keeps saying she will be back.  As I mentioned in my last letter mom is an Airman, what I did not say is that she is deployed.  To where I have no idea.  All I know is mom and dad rescued me in Florida a while back. Then a few years ago we moved to New Jersey, which was colder and nosier.  Now we live in Illinois, which is quieter than New Jersey and the house here is lots bigger than either the Florida home or the New Jersey one. Anyway she is away but she calls almost daily and dad lets her talk to us so that helps.

Our day today started off normal.  Gus of course gets me and dad up before the alarm.  Mom is an early riser and Gus takes after her, in a lot of ways. For one he likes to run, which mom does a lot. He also likes to curl up under blanks, the big whip. But it does get him lots of cuddle time so I have to give the kid props there.  Anyway we get up and dad puts me on the floor and lets us out into the side yard for our morning constitutional.  Gus does his business quickly as he finds it gross and is easily distracted by the squirrels or just wants to get back into the air conditioning.  I like to take my time, find the right stop, and then properly push leaves and pine needles back over it with my hind feet. I like to be courteous and not leave my business out for others to see.

We head back inside where dad has our breakfast ready for us.  It’s the meatloaf that he makes homemade, mom use to give that to us for dinner but dad is not a morning person so the oatmeal, fruit, and eggs are our dinners since those he prepares fresh for us and I guess it takes time to make.  The meatloaf is pretty awesome either way.  So after breakfast I go back downstairs under the bed and take a nap. I usually do this to let my belly rest but also because dad has a long morning routine and there is no use following him through this. Gus usually jumps back on the bed since he is a young whipper snapper and a show off.

Once dads routine is done we all head up stairs where dad checks the mail and gets the bookstore ready to open.  Shortly after we open mom calls and we get to talk to her for a little bit before she has to go to bed.  This is usually my cue to go under the couch and take a nap or just sprawl out on the couch and take a nap with my head hang off so I can get a good rush to my head.  When customers come in I always sit up and give my best greeting to ensure they notice me.  I really like the little kids as they are at my level and usually have some kind of smell or food on their hands or shirts. That and the kids always pet me where as the adults don’t always  pet me but they usually do.  And of course Gus likes to stand up on his hind legs so the adults don’t have to bend so far to pet him like they do me.

After the shop closes we follow dad around while he tidies up stuff and then we head down to the man cave.  This is the room where dad plays on the computer for a little bit before he heads to bed. While he is on his computer we sit on our comfy pillow down there.  Gus likes to crowd me on the pillow, he says it’s to cold down there and he needs to sit as close as possible to stay warm, yet another way he takes after mom.  Dad says she is always cold.  After a little while dad then takes us to bed where he will read and then tell us goodnight and then curl up and go to sleep.  Well my adorning readers that is it for today. Next I think I will tell you about our game nights.  Until then try to stop by and check out this sexy beast.

The Otis and Gus-Gus Show – Intro

My adoring readers, my name is Otis Bartholomew Casto and I’m the book store manager here at The Tibbetts House: Bed, Breakfast, and Books.  I am also the sexiest long haired dachshund in America. I enjoy the bed and breakfast part far more than the books, but I love to watch my mom, Mindy, the owner read at night so books are not so bad.  Besides I’m the book store manager, contrary to my dad, Brett’s, belief that I’m just a sales associate, whatever old man. I wanted to share about our life at the B, B, & B so people can get to know us better, but most importantly me.

So our family is Me, Otis, the sexy long haired dachshund and bookstore manager. My brother, Gus-Gus, the loud Beagle, Jack Russel, and Chihuahua security guard.  Then there is Norm, the Gnome, dad put him as head of security, not sure why yet he never moves.  Then there is my dad, Brett, mom says we look a lot alike but I think I’m far sexier and the only real similarities is the long hair. Dad is the co-owner and my sales associate in the book store as he does all the talking and I do all the schmoozing of the customers.  We argue over this regularly, I even told him I would be the sales associate if I could reach the till, but since I can’t it’s his job.  And then last and most important, next to me of course, is mom. Mindy is my mom, the other co-owner, B&B operator, and still Active duty Airman. She makes awesome breakfasts, cleans the rooms, and does the books.  Mom does so well with the books dad likes to say mom stands for Ministry Of Monies (MOM).  I think that’s great.

We opened The Tibbetts House on August 2nd 2017. Mom tells all about how they named it after Dr Moses Tibbetts who built the house back in 1914.  I usually show off my sexy side to the guest as she tells this to them so I can’t really say I listen or know the details. I think she has details on the website or you can just come visit and get the full experience of, well me.  I do know that it was a chocolate shop and bed and breakfast before we moved here.  I remember this because I can still smell chocolate in some of the floor cracks and the nice lady from the chocolate shop still visits.  I know mom gets chocolates for the guest from here too cause I can always smell them but they are way too far out of my reach.

Gus thinks I should tell more about the B&B, but I’m not going to cause after snooping through the website I see that mom has already talked all about that. I can tell you that the yard is great and there are tons of nice flowers to sniff.  There is also some great rabbits and squirrels, oh now I’ve done it. The mention of squirrels sets Gus-Gus into a barking fit. He has this crazy notion that they are trying to get in the house. They are rather suspicious characters, but I think they are just in general up to no good.  Anyway they are all over the neighborhood. Well it’s nap time and I’m not one for missing a mandatory appointment. Next time I’ll tell you what Gus-Gus and I do all day.  Later my adoring reads, from the sexy beast.