The Otis and Gus-Gus Show – Intro

My adoring readers, my name is Otis Bartholomew Casto and I’m the book store manager here at The Tibbetts House: Bed, Breakfast, and Books.  I am also the sexiest long haired dachshund in America. I enjoy the bed and breakfast part far more than the books, but I love to watch my mom, Mindy, the owner read at night so books are not so bad.  Besides I’m the book store manager, contrary to my dad, Brett’s, belief that I’m just a sales associate, whatever old man. I wanted to share about our life at the B, B, & B so people can get to know us better, but most importantly me.

So our family is Me, Otis, the sexy long haired dachshund and bookstore manager. My brother, Gus-Gus, the loud Beagle, Jack Russel, and Chihuahua security guard.  Then there is Norm, the Gnome, dad put him as head of security, not sure why yet he never moves.  Then there is my dad, Brett, mom says we look a lot alike but I think I’m far sexier and the only real similarities is the long hair. Dad is the co-owner and my sales associate in the book store as he does all the talking and I do all the schmoozing of the customers.  We argue over this regularly, I even told him I would be the sales associate if I could reach the till, but since I can’t it’s his job.  And then last and most important, next to me of course, is mom. Mindy is my mom, the other co-owner, B&B operator, and still Active duty Airman. She makes awesome breakfasts, cleans the rooms, and does the books.  Mom does so well with the books dad likes to say mom stands for Ministry Of Monies (MOM).  I think that’s great.

We opened The Tibbetts House on August 2nd 2017. Mom tells all about how they named it after Dr Moses Tibbetts who built the house back in 1914.  I usually show off my sexy side to the guest as she tells this to them so I can’t really say I listen or know the details. I think she has details on the website or you can just come visit and get the full experience of, well me.  I do know that it was a chocolate shop and bed and breakfast before we moved here.  I remember this because I can still smell chocolate in some of the floor cracks and the nice lady from the chocolate shop still visits.  I know mom gets chocolates for the guest from here too cause I can always smell them but they are way too far out of my reach.

Gus thinks I should tell more about the B&B, but I’m not going to cause after snooping through the website I see that mom has already talked all about that. I can tell you that the yard is great and there are tons of nice flowers to sniff.  There is also some great rabbits and squirrels, oh now I’ve done it. The mention of squirrels sets Gus-Gus into a barking fit. He has this crazy notion that they are trying to get in the house. They are rather suspicious characters, but I think they are just in general up to no good.  Anyway they are all over the neighborhood. Well it’s nap time and I’m not one for missing a mandatory appointment. Next time I’ll tell you what Gus-Gus and I do all day.  Later my adoring reads, from the sexy beast.