Otis and Gus-Gus Show – February 26th 2019

Hello people, Gus-Gus back again.  I realized I did not fully introduce myself in my last post.  Well, I’m the youngest resident of The Tibbetts House, I just turned 5 years old back in November.  Mom and Dad say I’m a Beagle and Jack Russel mixed dog. Not total sure what that means but that’s how mom and dad describe my background.  I like to play fetch, wrestle with my toys and cuddle.  I also like to keep tabs on what is happening around The Tibbetts House.

Well Otis is growling at me right now cause he wants to write about our trip to Metropolis, IL.  I told him he could do that after I was done with my weekly post. It was a super cool trip and a long car ride for us. Which is always a little scary for me but we got to stay at an awesome Bed and Breakfast, The Riverview Mansion. Alright, Otis I will stop telling them about it so you can, I’m going to remind you to later. Anyway on to the important stuff of our up coming book club that I’m super excited for, cause that means you all come to visit. I want to make sure I tell you all about me and Otis’ favorite walking path through Highland.  Then since I love food so much I’m going to finish by talking about some of my favorite breakfast foods.

The Book Club

So, the Book Club is coming up this Saturday.  Mom says it looks like we should have a good turn out.  I really can’t wait to see what book they pick. I’m hoping mom will read it to me, she use to read to us when I was little and the kids were still at home. I like the stories that have horse riding in them or the ones about kids, like The Series of Unfortunate Events.  That was a long series but I liked hearing about the kids.  So I’m really excite to see the people and to see what they pick for a book.

Around Highland

So, here is a picture of Otis and I out on our favorite route through Highland.  We like to start by going straight down Walnut street that way we get to smell the Peacock Bakery’s awesome food as we start up the street. Then we go left or as dad says “left turn Clyde,” that’s what he tells us when he wants us to turn that way.  Next we go past the Lory Theater which has that amazing popcorn smell.  I know mom and dad take us this way to see what’s playing.  Mom says next week Captain Marvel will be out and she is determined to go.  After that we head down to the town square. We love to wander through the park and we get good smells from the cupcake place, I think its Patty Cakes. Then I can get my fill of chocolate smells from our friend Jen’s shop, The Chocolate Affair.  I know I should not like chocolate but it is my weakness.  Once we have done a lap or two of the park we usually head towards the 9th Street Cafe which is a wonderful smell to have after an outing just before we head back home.  Some days we go further like past the pizza places on Broadway and then to the library. I only know about the library cause dad and mom love to talk about books and mention it a lot.

Mom’s Breakfasts

Mentioning books makes me think about the books mom pulls out that tell her how to make yummy foods like the breakfast’s.  Sometimes she does not use the books but sometimes she has to.  One thing she looks in a book for is the apple french toast thing she makes for the guest, I add a picture.  I love this one cause mom gives me the scrap apples and it smells so yummy when it’s in the oven, so that I like to sit in the kitchen and smell it the entire time.  That and she usually makes bacon and sausage with it.  Another thing she makes that is really good is over easy eggs. I know these cause she gives me and Otis over easy eggs a couple times a week.  Then there is the human biscuits she makes, they are too soft for me but they taste really good so I will not turn down a piece of one.

Next week I’ll tell you all how the book club went and what book they chose to go with.  Then I can tell you about some of the other things mom is working on. I might be able to get one of her recipes to share with you all.  Let me know in the comments if there is anything else you want to know about The Tibbetts House.  I’m always glad to share.


Otis and Gus-Gus Show – February 18th 2019

Hello good people Gus-Gus here.  I’m sorry if you were hoping for Otis but he sleeps far too much to maintain any sort of communication, let alone a blog. As you can see he has gone 5 months without writing.  In his defense he has started several good ones but he stops foIMG_20190206_131508_746r a nap and when he goes to start again he could not remember where he was going with it.  Since Otis only talks about himself I think it’s important to share a little of the things I have been ease dropping from mom and dad. Like the things we got going here at the Tibbetts House such as the room rate changes, our big March sale (Shhh, the announcement is coming out on the 22nd), and the most recent version of dog food mom made us.

Room Rate Changes

First, I want to bring up the room rate changes, since our guests is my favorite part, well next to eating. After mom and dad had a big discussion it was decided that we need to have more options.  So we are putting a base rate that includes basic amenities and a Continental breakfast.  This allows guest the flexibility to try some of the awesome food in the local area like the Peacock bakery, dad always lets me taste their awesome weekly breads, and the 9th St Cafe.  If our guest would still like to enjoy a home cooked breakfast they can pay an additional $10 per person per night.  Now $10 is an amazing deal for the amount of food mom makes. We are talking french toast roll-ups, scrambled eggs, fruit (I like the apples), and sausage/bacon (I also love the bacon).  Either way we are hoping to get more guest to come visit and enjoy our fun little town.

Spring Cleaning Sale

IMG_20190211_154341Next, I would like to leak some info about dads “Spring Cleaning Sale.” I say leak cause mom has it on the calendar to post about it on the 22nd and they have not told more than 1 or 2 people that I know of.  So what’s the big deal with the sale? Well dad has accumulated so many books while mom was away that he needs to get some space made for some other things he would like to work on. So all used books will be 25 cents for the month of March.  Yep, he said the whole month of March.  So make some plans to come visit me and Otis next month and get some good reading books, or like mom is starting to do get some good books for some crafts.  She made this awesome box out of a book, just ask here about it.

Our Dog Food

Finally I must tell you about the new recipe of dog food mom has been making us.

Ingredients – 1 lbs beef chuck or lean beef, 1 lbs ground chicken, 4 eggs, 1 can pureed pumpkin, 1 12-oz  bag of mixed broccoli; cauliflower; and carrots,  1 Cup cottage cheese, 1/4 Cup peanut powder (PB2).

Mom mixes everything together in a large bowl, I can always smell it. She preheats the oven to 350. then once it’s good and mixed she pours it into a casserole dish and spreads it out evenly.  She then puts it in the oven for 45 – 50 min.  This is the longest 45 minutes of my life as it smells so good.  Then she takes it out and lets it cool which feels like forever and I try to give her hugs to let her know that I don’t mind it being hot and I’m also very grateful for it.  After it cools and it is determined to be dinner time she scoops 1/2 cup into me and Otis’s bowls.  It is super yummy.

Next week I’d like to tell you about our up coming book club that I’m super excited for cause that means you all come to visit. Then I will talk about me and Otis’ favorite walking path through Highland.  Finally since I love food so much I’m going to talk about some of my favorite breakfasts.  I hope you enjoy hearing from me.  If you have suggestions please let me know in the comments.  For now I hope you stay warm, I’m going to find a good blanket to curl up under.


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