The Otis and Gus-Gus Show

The day to day happenings is what my husband affectionately calls the Otis and Gus-Gus show. It is everything from their imagined thoughts, to there attitudes, and habits. Hopefully these will be regular posts within our blog, time and interest will only tell.

Episode 1

It is a regular day for our daring pair. Gus-Gus knows that nusseling his head into mom’s chest, neck, or face will get her up for his potty time and morning check of the yard. As security guard of the house it his duty to ensure that the yard is secure, especially from those pesky squirrels. Today is like all other days except it is Saturday and that means 2 hours of sleeping in which is Otis’ favorite hobby. He would rather Gus left mom alone so he can sleep until dad gets up, but he lays in wait until mom lifts him off the bed to the floor where he shake the sleep out of his long fur.

Gus insists on being first out the doggie door knowing that Otis’ old man bladder will need emptied so he must find his prime spot before Otis.