Otis and Gus-Gus Show – 5 May 2020

My dear adoring fans I’m utterly sorry for my years absence in writing to you. Mom got very busy 

Gus Napping

and was refusing to dictate for me and with my short legs typing is a very difficult task with out assistance. Though I cannot blame mom she was quite busy this time last year. She was preparing for retirement from the Air Force. Me and Gus were super excited cause that means she won’t be going away for long periods of time, that was rough having just dad. I love my dad but there is just something about mom that makes me want to follow her all day. After she got through the retirement ceremony and finding a new job the Bed and Breakfast was busy every weekend. I think from August to mid November mom did not get a days rest. It was so cool meeting new people and we got to see some returning guests too. I really miss the fun of all the guests. 

Mom at Home

Anyway mom got some rest in December and January. Then in February things started to pickup again, but as you all know it all stopped in March.

Otis sitting close to Mom while she teleworks

We had our last guests checkout on March 13th. No one else has been by since. It is rather depressing but on a positive side mom has been working from home since March 19th so I get to sit right next to her all day long. I go where she goes and I make sure I’m as close as I can get to her. She takes us on at least one long walk a day or two short ones on bad weather days. I could really get use to this if it weren’t for missing my guests. Mom has also cleaned the whole house from top to bottom. And they had some rather noisy repairs done to the house. i think those are about over but mom and dad keep talking about the chimney. Not sure why.


Well in other news mom has made me bandannas to match dad’s muzzle he now wears. Not that we go anywhere together that he has to wear it but it is cool to match dad.

a log walk at Silver Lake

Mom made a few other of those human muzzles, but she ran out of something and had to stop. So now she is working on finishing our Little Free Library. When it is done I will get you all a picture, it looks like a little version of our house. She has lots of plans that are just driving dad crazy right now but I think he will be OK.


I don’t have any tasty recipes but I know that mom and dad got some good food from places like A Wooden Tie Cafe, which mom got a nice hat to wear out on our walks. 

Mom in her Wooden Tie Cafe hat

They also got good food from E.L. Flanagan’s and dad’s favorite Don Ole Mexican food.  It all smelled really good but I did not get any cuase of my sensitive stomach and allergies. Well until next time, laters.