Meet the Owners

Mindy grew up in Wyoming where she joined the United States Air Force and retired in 2019 after 21 years of service. She enjoys meeting and hearing stories from all the new people she comes in contact with and hopes the bed and breakfast will add the stories of their family’s tale.

Brett is a writer, who has self-published one novel “The Big Book” not be mistaken for the alcoholics anonymous guide. Most of his stories are in the science-fiction/fantasy realm, and though his he is best suited for writing comedy. He enjoys role-playing games and hanging out with their two dogs Otis and Gus-Gus.

The couple met when serving in Afghanistan in 2008. Brett was a contractor for the Army, and Mindy was still working with the Air Force. After Mindy left Afghanistan, the couple were pen pals for a year until Brett had returned state-side.  Two months later Brett asked Mindy to marry him and they were married in August of 2010. They moved to Highland in 2017 when Mindy received her assignment at Scott. While it was Mindy’s career that brought them to Highland, the couple said it was the community that made them want to stay.

They also have to cute dogs, Otis a long haired Dachshund and Gus-Gus a Jack Russel/ Beagle mix. Otis has earned the title of Teddy Bear. While Gus-Gus holds the title of security, though he his harmless he always lets those in the house know that someone else has entered.

The dogs are kept down stairs in the basement area where Mindy and Brett live when guest are being checked in. The dogs only get to greet customers that have given their OK for the dogs to be around.