Deadly Fame Theater Dinner

Each of you and your guests are assigned a role as part of the Minebury City theater where Juliet has killed herself because of a switch in stage props. You and the rest of the subjects have been confined for dinner to find out who switch the prop and is responsible for her death.  The Characters include:

Paul Hopkins the theater manager and director who has been spoiled by success

Patrick Bradshaw the brilliantly handsome actor who was voted actor of the year several years ago

Irina Ivanova is fresh out of drama school and has recently joined the company, but has so for been unable to secure herself a role

Daniel Henderson with his glass eyes is the perfect character to play deranged characters. The press praises him highly

Ronald Ambrose is the organizational brain of the theater and the kind-hearted soul of the house

Kate Reynolds is Paul’s assistant director, who has to hold her nerve when dealing with him. She also dreams of having her first production

Melissa Silver is Kate’s partner who works as the theater costume designer

Rita Stewart was just recently hired this season as the prompter. She would have liked to be an actress herself

Over the course of the evening you will evaluate clues as you work your way through a 4 course meal.  During dessert you will each write down who you think did it.  Then the full story and murderer is revealed.

It is $30 a person and you must have a minimum of 5 people playing roles. You can have other people not playing a role there and they will still pay $30 for dinner.