Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Dinner

Each of the 8 people in your party are assigned as a suspect in the death of Pierre DuPre.

Matthew “Gator” Corvitz a cajun law school graduate.

Alexis Dupre the deceases socialite daughter.

Melissa DuPre the deceases new wife from Las Vegas.

Bourbon DuPre a French Quarter jazz musician.

Connika Gothika an eccentric novelist.

J. Stephen Peek the DuPre family attorney.

Cayenne Pepper the DuPre family Chef.

Elise St. Gresch the DuPre family live-in maid.

Over the course of the evening you will evaluate clues as you work your way through a 4 course meal.  During dessert you will each write down who you think did it.  Then the full story and murderer is revealed.

It is $30 a person and you must have a minimum of 8 people playing roles. You can have other people not playing a role there and they will still pay $30 for dinner.